A Site Audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website to assess its performance, usability and overall ‘health’
It involves evaluating various aspects of the website, including its design, content, technical elements, SEO and UX (User Experience)
The results of a Site Audit provide insights into areas that need improvement, potential issues and importantly, opportunities for optimisation and better results for your business.
Based on the findings, actionable recommendations can be made to enhance the website’s performance, UX, SEO, SEM, security and overall effectiveness in achieving its goals.

Are there different types of Site Audits?

Yes. there are a few and some will be more in depth or targeted than others.
This influences the cost of any Audit
Lets discuss some basics..
Here are some key components typically involved in a comprehensive Site Audit.
Although these can also be a standalone audit OR a combination of some of these components in one audit, depending on your site and budget.

SEO Analysis: This component focuses on the website’s search engine optimisation.
It examines ‘on-page’ factors such as meta tags, headings, URL structure, keyword usage, and internal linking.
The audit also looks at ‘off-page’ SEO elements like backlinks, social signals, and overall search engine visibility.
Technical Evaluation: The audit assesses the technical aspects of the website that impact its performance and functionality.
It includes checking for proper website indexing, XML sitemap presence, website speed, mobile-friendliness, browser compatibility, and broken links.
It may also involve reviewing the website’s code, server configurations, and security measures.
User Experience (UX) Assessment: This component focuses on the usability and user experience of the website.
It examines factors like site loading speed, ease of navigation, intuitive user interface, accessibility and mobile responsiveness.
The audit may involve user testing and analysing user behaviour through tools like heatmaps and session recordings.
Website Design and Layout: The audit assesses the visual appeal, branding consistency, and overall design of the website.
It examines factors such as site “flow” and ‘friction’, navigation menus, page layouts, colour schemes, typography and responsiveness across different devices.
Content Analysis: The audit evaluates the quality, relevance and effectiveness of the website’s content.
It includes an assessment of the text, images, videos and other media used on the website.
The audit checks for factors like readability, grammar, keyword usage, the presence of duplicate or thin content and accessibility (eg visually impaired)

JumpStart’s Team looks at your data to drive recommendations and implementation!

Additionally a Site Audit can look at:

Security and Compliance: Depending on the nature of the website (e.g., e-commerce, data collection), the audit may include a review of security measures and compliance with relevant regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA). It examines factors like SSL certificate presence, secure payment processing, data protection practices and privacy, terms and conditions policies.

If we are given access to your site’s Analytics & Search Console:

Conversion Analysis: If the website has specific conversion goals (e.g., sales, lead generation), the audit evaluates the website’s effectiveness in driving conversions.
It assesses elements such as CTA (Call-To-Action) placement, landing page design, form usability, checkout process (for e-commerce sites), and overall sales and conversion funnel.
Analytics and Tracking: The audit reviews the website’s analytics implementation to ensure accurate tracking and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs).
It checks if tools like Google Analytics are properly installed, goals are set up, and data is being collected correctly.
It may also involve evaluating the use of other tracking tools like pixel codes, event tracking or e-commerce tracking.

What are the costs of a Site Audit?

  • The costs will vary depending on what type of audit you most need, your budget and/or goals and the expertise of the people providing the audit.
  • A technical audit that concentrates on the structure needs more time and resources and of course, can cost more money.
  • We will look at different types of pages on your site
    About-  Other dedicated page types like Services
    Blog Category page
    Blog Page
    (Note: If you have many different Blog or Product pages, you do not need or want us to review them all)
  • We will look at your website’s “Flow” and any areas of “Friction” in a comprehensive Audit.
  • However, an on-page SEO audit focusing on elements like design, layout, content and keywords analysis could be less expensive- depending on the size of your site and its type.
  • eCommerce sites can also be more expensive to audit. Why?
    Every Product type should be reviewed, NOT every product.
    Every Product Category page should be reviewed.
    The exception to the above is when all the Products or Groups of products have the same Page Template. The same with for Category pages.
    The size and complexity of the individual eCommerce platform and the depth of requested reviews greatly affect the Audit price.
    A one Category site with 5 products, obviously will take less time than a 16 category, 22 sub Category site with 14,000 sub niche products.
  • Costs will also vary depending on the level of expertise and experience of the SEO consultant or company performing your audit.
    The Team at JumpStart Matrix have over 40 years of combined experience.
  • Naturally, as with any professional service, a consultant or agency with more expertise will bill at a higher rate for their services.
    Their level of competence and experience does have an impact on the quality of the results!
  • Remember the ROI ( Return On Investment) here.
  • A comprehensive Site Audit should significantly influence and improve your business website’s search engine rankings, boosting visitor traffic and therefore income, as sales IS a numbers game!
  • JumpStart Matrix’s Audits prioritises recommendations based on what we learn from that data and so will deliver more impact and affect results faster for your business.Get help NOW with your Site and SEO – Book a Free Call!

Other factors to remember in the cost and type of an Audit:

  • Deadline –  Do you need an Audit done very quickly, meaning we will have to prioritise your work?
  • Keyword research – Is content planning strategy for a specific period as well as keywords research to identify opportunities required?
  • Competitor Research – Do we also need to look at your competitor’s and their strategies?
  • Website Size /Type – What is the size of your website – just a few pages or hundreds of content pages? with different functionality?
  • Social Media – Social media also impacts your businesses online performance. Information from an audit will help you better understand and optimise your social media to engage your audience
  • Accessibility – Is your site working for everyone that lands on it that may have some disability or impairment eg visual?
  • Implementation – You can implement the recommendations yourself in house, with our support OR we can complete the actionable items in full for you.
  • Most completed Site Audit reports provide us the necessary data to start strategising for a Google Ads Campaign for your business, if not everything we need to test the first Campaign.

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