I met with a friend and client yesterday and we spent some time talking about how we could start to raise his ‘expert credibility’ in his niche.

How to be found as an Expert in Your Niche

If you too want to be found online as an Expert in your niche, I have some advice.
The Good News?
It CAN be done. My client does have years of incredible experience as an expert in his niche market/ industry.
The Bad News?
My Client and friend will have to write a lot more around his Services and niche himself, as he is on a limited budget.
Note: JumpStart can assist you by writing some content for you, as it is a service we provide as an Agency.
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As he is also a “mate”, I spent some time researching some “keyword” phrases.
I then emailed him links to sites that showed upon Google for those searches,  ie his type of services /niche as a consultant.
I told him that I can revamp his website.
But the first thing I need was an updated bio and a list of the Services he can/will provide his ideal clients as an expert in his niche (or industry), with content written on ALL of them.
The look and feel of a website IS important, but graphics work should happen only after ALL the content is up and we decide on the best ‘Navigation’ /layout and required functionality eg a Newsletter Opt in form.

I cannot in good conscience promote a graphically pretty but essentially ‘thin’ website.
These days, for any site to have a chance to show up on Google, it MUST have decent content, that is updated/ added to OFTEN.
Well.. I could promote a this site…but it will NOT convert people to buy- so that means you will have wasted your money on Clicks on Google Adwords.

JumpStart also usually starts with a Site Review on with any new client to identify the under performing areas and fix them by the Data– BEFORE we start promoting that site.
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