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Is your site ready to promote? Don’t guess.
Click the + button below for JSM’s Site Audit Report for up to 5 Pages for $250 
(Ask us to Quote if you need more than 5 pages Audited)

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Why does your site need a Site Functionality Report ?

Does YOUR website have the necessary content, functionality and easy to use navigation to make money for your business on the Search Engines like Google?
Click Add To Cart to purchase a Site Functionality Audit Report PDF and let us troubleshoot your landing pages/website to identify problems.

JumpStart Matrix will provide a Site Functionality/Audit Report (up to 5 Pages) for $250 + GST.

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Simple things, for example:

  • Is there a ‘Call to Action’? (commonly referred to as a CTA)
  • Does the Call to Action contain the keyword or key phrases used in your Google Adwords Campaign?
  • Is the correct SEO technique used to display this Call to Action?
  • Is the Page ‘optimised’ for the Search Engines to perform with the correct meta data?
  • Are you making the best use of your ‘Virtual Real Estate’?
  • What IS your ‘virtual Real Estate’?
  • Are your Images the right size and optimised?

Alternatively, JumpStart Matrix will visit ONE page of your web site for $50* (eg 10 Pages for $500)
We can determine if your ‘Landing page(s) are ready for marketing and promotion online. Don’t waste your money until you know!
(*You can order as many pages as you need OR ask us to quote you if you have many.)

*If you want or need more than 5 Website Pages reviewed, please Contact Us to discuss our (cost effective) discounted block rates 

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