Keyword Research Report

Google defines a Keyword : “ Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your ads with the terms people are searching for
Do you KNOW what your target market uses as ‘keywords’ to  type into Google searching for your type of business?
JumpStart will identify those words in your customised Keyword Research Report.

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Why do you need a Keyword Research Report?

JumpStart removes the guesswork from deciding which Keywords to choose to add to your site content and then be able to promote your site online.
We tell you what your best keywords actually are, as well as how much ‘Search volume’ on Google those keywords or phrases get every month.Get the Report now!

A useful tool,Google Keyword Planner helps with both Adwords related keywords and targeting what appear to be the most relevant keywords for your Adwords Campaigns.
There are other tools available as well to do so, but when working inside your existing Adwords dashboard, the Keyword Planner is the place to go for:

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