Keyword Research Report

Do you KNOW what your ‘ideal client’  or target market uses as ‘keywords’ to  type into Google searching for your type of business?
JumpStart will identify those words in your customised Keyword Research Report.
We can start with the Top 5 Keywords you need!

JSM will find and analyse search “queries” or keywords that people type into the Search Engines like Google.
Our goal is to assist you to use this keyword data for specific purposes. like SEO and content creation.
This research can uncover queries to target and an idea of their average monthly search volume- invaluable intel!
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Why do you need a Keyword Research Report?

JumpStart removes the guesswork from deciding which Keywords to choose to add to your site content and then to be able to promote your site online using the data!
Would you like to know the best words for your niche, to get the most benefit from your content creation?
No Problem!
We tell you what your best keywords actually are, as well as how much ‘Search volume’ on Google those keywords or phrases get every month. Get the Report now!
When we help you identify the most relevant keywords for the content you publish, you will rank better and attract more traffic (read: potential clients) to your website.

Google defines a Keyword : “ Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your ads with the terms people are searching for
A useful tool, Google Keyword Planner helps with both Ads (Adwords) related keywords and targeting what appear to be the most relevant keywords for your Google Ads Campaigns.
There are other tools available as well to do so, but when working inside your existing Ads Account/ Campaign dashboard, the Keyword Planner is the place to go for:

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