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Forget ‘stuffing’ your keywords into your content and linking to just any old site to try to ‘rank’ on the SERPS ( Search Engine Results Pages)
That can /will get you (at worst) a Google penalty
Much lower visibility online in an already crowded marketplace (ie The SERPS )

Get JumpStart to review your site for SEO to see if it works to get you found online!

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SEO has changed dramatically over the last 3 years with Google’s Updates.

Many of us working in the SEO area now favour the term UEO (User Experience Optimisation)
UEO was and IS the original intent of Search Engines like Google: Ensuring the ‘visitor experience’ is a great one when they land on your site.
There are still many people marketing themselves as ‘SEO Consultants’ either working with outdated methods (think spammy link building) or worse, ‘Black hat’ techniques, that WILL get you blacklisted on Google.
Don’t take that chance
Order a Site Report or some Online Marketing Strategy and Goals Consulting time with JumpStart.

Need a Website?

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