WordPress Websites

WordPress is a CMS (Content Marketing System) platform that is used around the world to build very successful websites for all kinds of people, services and business.Large and Small.
JumpStart are experienced developers of WordPress sites and we have many different packages available for you to choose from:

WordPress Basic Starter Site:
If you have a small business or want a Blog , this is the starter site for you.
It gets the basics in place and can be developed further by us to cover SEO, SEM and other custom features and services.

WordPress Basic Business Starter Site:
You need something a little more than a basic site, as you want to get business results.
JumpStart are experienced sales and marketing professionals as well as expert online marketers for many successful client businesses.
We will get you set up fast

We have other custom  sites and troubleshooting services.
You can book a consulting hour of our time  (or blocks of hours at reduced rates) or get a Site Review Report and other services.
Tell us your problem- we WILL have a solution!
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