How JumpStart Matrix Can Help Your Business

We work with a range of clients in different Industry or ‘Niches’ – so JumpStart Matrix can help your business succeed!

This gives us depth & breadth of knowledge about the problems various businesses confront every day.
Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Work out precisely where (and what) on your site is not working. Does it have “Flow“?
  • Convert your visitors into people that take action  eg Download your PDF or buy your products. 
  • Work out WHY they don’t take action. This is often involves Site ‘Friction
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JumpStart Matrix Case Study 1:

One of our clients had an expensive, graphically beautiful site that was just not getting clients to make bookings for their incredible services.

  • It was a ‘custom built’ Ruby on Rails (ROR) site that had a lot of technical problems.
  • It had 2 other ‘3rd party’ software programs running :
  • Shopify for Gift Vouchers & Workshops ( an additional charge with fees every month)
  • Shortcuts  (MyLocalSalon) for POS ( Point Of Sale) and Booking Appointments functionality (also an additional charge with fees every month)

The First Step?
A complete Site Report.
This revealed the key problem areas.
How can you know what to change if you don’t look at what is (or is not) working currently?
Everyone needs a ‘baseline’. Don’t Guess!

We then worked with the client to lay out the steps to build a new WordPress site on their .com Domain-  keeping the same look and feel as the old ROR (Ruby on Rails) site.
This was done gradually, assisting our client by working with a step by step, staged process & payment plan.

At the same time we ran a small but effective Google Ads campaign, to get more visibility and more traffic coming in.
This also identified what areas/keywords of their business were working best-  after we reviewed the Ads Campaign with their Google Analytics data.
This told us just what the visitors DID do when they landed on the old site.
So we knew what areas we had to address and prioritised them.
Note: We also had a much better idea of what to improve on their content from their best keywords from this same data.

  • We continue to work with these wonderful clients monthly, with their online presence and have trained them on how to use/edit their WordPress dashboard.
  • A Shopping Cart system with Woo Commerce was been added to the WordPress site as Stage 3.
  • They can now sell Gift Vouchers and Workshops without the extra monthly Shopify fees (3rd Party Platforms have pros and a lot of cons)
  • We are looked to set up a new Booking & Client Management system called vCita.
    Note: vCita will solve the need for  things like Live Chat, an easier Booking system and CRM on the new site, rather than their current system which has way too many steps and clicks for visitors
    That old site system with Shortcuts had a near 90% abandonment rate in people ie most people gave up before completing all the information needed to actually book an appointment. Disaster!


JumpStart Matrix Case Study 2:

Another client had a Joomla site.
She was both disappointed with sales results and also as a lay person was not very computer ‘savvy’
She found difficult to add content of any kind to through the Joomla portal.
Joomla is also a CMS (Content Management System)  platform like WordPress, but notoriously more challenging for the average business owner to work with or on.
Frustrated, she came to JumpStart.

This time, the brief was to immediately start a Google Ads campaign to get more traffic to the site right away, which would fund the necessary site changes work.
Like most sales results, its a numbers game!

We set up an Ads campaign and started to look at her Landing Pages ( where we directed different visitors to specific pages, based on the ads we were running.

  • We then started on Optimisation for the site.
  • We reduced her Header area. It was way too big, taking up most of her valuable ‘Virtual Real Estate, so people had to scroll to see more about her services. Not Good.
  • Next, after reviewing the SEM ( Adwords) and GA ( Google Analytics) data, we changed the layout of some of her Pages.
    The Data tells us where to work- we do NOT randomly “guess”
  • Advice on the text and copywriting to make the wording more compelling was provided.
  • We prioritised work on the best ROI (Return On Investment) Services pages that the data showed had a high ‘Bounce ‘ rate ( people leaving almost straight away after landing on the Page) and weren’t converting for her.
  • CTA’s (Calls To Action) were created and placed on the Pages. It’s amazing how much more people WILL take action, IF you simply ask them to and give them a nice big button to click!

This is another client that many years later, we continue to work with on a monthly retainer with a range of services:

  • Managing her Google Ads Campaign, improving and refining Keywords and bids.
  • Teaching her on the basics of an Ads Campaign, looking at Keywords and Search Terms for potential ‘intel’
  • Advising her on other marketing opportunities  eg  Affiliate Marketing for passive income
  • Assisting her with Product Creation and development for packages to offer her Clients.
  • Hosting, Site work & immediate Technical Support
  • Setting up a WordPress install on her current domain and helping her to develop it to be the primary site for her business shortly.
  • Training on WordPress on an as needed basis
  • Content creation advice and copywriting/proofing when needed.

We also just ‘hang out’, as just like most of our clients, we are friends, as well as their trusted Online Consultants and a real partner in their Business.
As a result of all our hard work, Claire has had to bring on other staff to assist her with the demand for her services with many new clients!

2. JumpStart provides SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEM, marketing your business online through different channels, is a core JumpStart Matrix Service
Google Ads is a JSM speciality service which ‘bang for buck’ delivers the best and most measurable ROI overall for ANY business.
We also run and manage LinkedIn and other Social Media Campaigns – this is an ever growing market.
Platforms like Facebook and now Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest allow you to sell directly through them.
Are YOU making the most of your YouTube Channel? Do you have a YouTube channel?! We can help!

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The question is- What IS the right advertising channel/platform or combination of channels for YOUR business?
Where should you invest your Marketing Dollars?

That’s where nearly 35+ years of combined experience comes in handy with the Team at JumpStart
We are not just  strategic online marketing consultants, we are also multiple online business owners with a successful Track Record.

We’ve walked in your shoes. We know the pitfalls. We have the tried & tested SOLUTIONS.

3. JumpStart provides SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Services

Most site & business owners have heard the term SEO.
Unfortunately, what many of them don’t know or understand is that this is an area that has dramatically changed in the last 5 years, due in large part to Google making changes & updates to how GOOGLE does business… and what it will allow businesses to do on their platform(s)
JumpStart’s long experience with working on the Internet, coupled with extensive and ongoing Google Training & Certification, means we are on top of all the changes and what they mean for your business online.

Which means we CAN tell you where you need to optimise your site, for better performance both organically and in SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) with Google Ads for the SERP’s (Search Engine Results pages)

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