A Landing Page is the web page (on your website) where a visitor ‘lands’ after clicking on a Call To Action (CTA)
Bear with me .. More Incoming ‘jargon’!
Examples?  a PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad in Adwords, an email marketing campaign that leads them o to a specific page, an ‘Opt In’ box where they have been asked to submit their name and email to get something from you.

What makes a ‘good’ (ie successful) landing page?

A good landing page usually includes a compelling message in the header with
great ‘sales copy’ ( don’t tell me you don’t know what sales copy is),minimal navigation required…ie can your visitor find what they wanted quickly and easily…. and an optimised form.

Along with the above good design principles, a good landing page is strategic!
They :

  • target a particular audience( visitors from an email campaign to promote an offer)
  • visitors who click on a PPC (pay-per-click) ad to promote a specific Google Adwords campaign

You MUST build a unique landing page for each and every offer you create:

  • allow visitors to download or opt-in to receive your coupons, ebooks, whitepapers,
  • sign up for further offers : free trials, product demos,being contacted.

Just WHY are Landing Pages important?!

HINT: Your landing page is where you capture your leads or sell your products!

So, a phenomenal landing page ‘experience’ is critical to effectively convert more of your visitors into qualified leads or  …make sales.
Sadly, MarketingSherpa  found that the top reasons businesses don’t use
landing pages is because their marketing department either doesn’t know how to set them up or they are too overloaded!
According to MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook (Second Edition):
‘44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business’ Home Page, not a
special landing page’ !!!!

I would hope that you know one of the fundamentals of great,effective  marketing is about delivering the right information, at the right time, to the right person?
Landing pages send your visitors to the most relevant webpage on your site…. for what THEY are looking for… Laser targeted!
Do you think this MIGHT increase the chance that they will ‘convert’ ( ie BUY or take the action you want them to) on that Page?!
You better believe it.


Want to know how to create a great landing Page?  Good…Stand by for Part 2 of this series.