LinkedIN Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn has a range of Marketing Solutions
It can be an effective tool to reach Key decision makers for your Business Niche!

To use LinkedIn Marketing you need to have created a Company Page .
Once you have that  Company Page in place, you can select from a range of marketing options – depending on your objectives.

LinkedIn Advertising overview:

Content Ads with  PPC ( Pay Per Click):
You can set up a Campaign with a series of ads, targeting keywords and pay each time someone clicks on your ads, after selecting your bids and daily budget.
This model work in much the same way as Google Adwords

[airesizeimg src=”$-300×204$.jpg” alt=”Linked In’s ad placement and type image” class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-3401″ ]These ads display in different formats when your target audience visits various pages on Linked In.
They can also be s shown on Profile Pages, Linked In Home Page when signing in, Group pages, Search Results pages and  members Inbox Pages.
Linked in has a range of Display Ads as well as text only.( Read more on Linked In’s FAQ’s) See image for ad placement /types.

Sponsored Updates:
These newer updates work more to raise brand awareness and to share business content such as whitepapers and videos by displaying directly into the  home page content feed, even of people that are not following you directly.
These updates works across devices as well, like mobile and tablets.
The minimum ad spend is only $10 per day, which helps even smaller brands to start to use these updates in a targeted way.

Social Ads:
A range of ads that promote your Company Page with a logo, eg ‘featured company’ or ‘follow company’, ‘ recommend company’. They serve to drive brand awareness and can deliver personalised messages to drive engagement.
Ads as ‘Polls’ are also available with limits ie : Question can be up to 75 characters, with answers 30 characters each,with a choice of up to 5 ( 3 is the minimum.)
Sponsored InMail is another solution with one to one emails from marketers and agencies to Linked in members ….or ‘target direct’ emails to candidates for job openings (specific or non-specific roles), short professional courses & recruitment events.

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Maggie Holley is an Google Certified Online Marketing Consultant, former Sales Manager and NLP Coach.She is sales results focused for her clients!