Google Ads Experts?

Google Ads is the premiere advertising platform owned and set up by Google, for people wanting to advertise online worldwide and reach billions of visitors.
When you are ready to promote your website online, you should look for an Agency to assist you that is very experienced in Ads Campaigns and has an Adwords qualified individual, like JumpStart Matrix.

JumpStart Matrix offers an Ads set up for new to Google Ads people AND options for those who have tried it and for whatever reason- failed!
Many business owners have heard of it Ads or Search Engine Marketing but simply do not have the time or knowledge to set it up themselves.

Warning: Resist the temptation to hire your  brother in law/neighbour/ mate at the pub, who swears he knows how to use his smartphone /tablet/iPad and wants to help you run your Marketing Campaign to “save money”.
This could  backfire on you, as you could lose your time and money, as well as potential clients…and probably have to start over again.
Worst case scenario, if your brother in law or mate is ignorant of the many Google rules for Adwords, you could lose your entire account and be suspended (possibly indefinitely) which will also make it impossible for you to open another account

Adwords is a great tool- IF you understand how to use it, as there are so many levels and metrics to be aware of and utilise.
Start here on the ‘Ads Help Center
This is why Google has Ads certification exams and will not list as anyone that is not certified.

Is the  person that you are working with or thinking of hiring certified by Google ? Ask them to show your their exam results!
Read Google’s  ‘Advertiser Guide: working with a third-party partner’:
“We believe that AdWords can help your business succeed. However, you might not have the time or resources to devote to building – and regularly maintaining – a successful AdWords account. Or maybe you’d just like some help from an expert.”

As JumpStart Matrix hears these kind of stories for people who come to us to salvage their Adwords, we thought we would it was time that we started to write about this and help people with this issue.
Have you read this information by Google On Ads?

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