What IS Content Marketing?

Content marketing describes the technique of creating and distributing all types of highly relevant and valuable content that will resonate with your defined target or niche audience.
Content can be articles, videos, images, slideshares, podcasts, infographics! The list is long…But content is THE most important part of your website- and becoming more so every day with Google!

The primary objective of content marketing and curation being to get that audience to your website to look at  and then ‘convert’ ie buy whatever product, offer or service you may sell or download an e book or MP3.Whatever you want them to do with your CTA (Call To Action!)
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How does content marketing work?

Content creation is (and must be) an ongoing process, as it really is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without directly selling and must always be fresh and up to date.

Instead of sales pitch, you give your prospective clients really solid, useful information that helps educate them and hopefully, assists them to make more intelligent choices.
Essentially, we hope that at the end of this process,as we deliver so much valuable information to them, that they feel rapport, trust and confidence in us.
So much so, that it compels them to give us their business and loyalty!

In a world where we are bombarded with ‘noise,’ people have learned to tune out on more traditional forms of advertising.
Your mindset must be “What  do I know that my potential clients WANT to know?”
Remember the old adage about ‘solving their need or pain’?
That has never been more true.

Think of the telling them the benefits and providing solutions to your niche market when you give people your content.

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