Online Strategy Consulting

JumpStart Matrix is a Strategic Business Consulting Firm
You will find Strategy Consultants in almost every industry/niche these days.
They offer an objective, expert, ‘fresh’ perspective on a business’s challenges and difficult issues.
This helps ensure that any business considers every angle when it comes to making big (or small but important) decisions.

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What is Strategy Consulting?

Strategic consulting is when a business (executives, boards, management or entrepreneurs) decides to bring in a third party to offer an expert, ‘outsider’ perspective on their business challenges.
Strategic Consultants  usually have considerable industry or ‘niche’ knowledge to be able to assess high level business issues and decisions objectively.
A holistic review is undertaken to look at specific problems companies are dealing with – and then advice is given on how they should best approach and resolve them.
Often, strategy consultants support their clients for a fixed time frame,  where they are expected to dedicate all of their attention to the specific problem(s)
However, a business may bring someone in to offer ongoing monthly services, without all the cost of a paid ’employee’

JumpStart Matrix are experts in many aspects of online(and offline) marketing and branding or ‘digital transformation strategy consulting’
We combine deep industry expertise, advanced Google Ads and Analytics experience and capabilities, as well as a ‘human centered’ approach (important in this era of Google’s ‘personalised’ search and UX)  to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth and revenue.

What does a Strategy Consultant do?

The first place for a strategy consultant to start is with an in-depth analysis of their client’s business goals and objectives.
This analysis helps them to understand IF the current practices of the business are in alignment with what they are hoping/ want to achieve.
After reviewing the data from the analysis, the consultants will deliver strategic recommendations the company can implement for better results.
In addition, strategy consultants can (and should) provide expertise on the niche market and the competition, so the client can make better informed decisions.

In this ever-changing world any business needs to think fast and stay agile.
That requires strategies that work in the real world…. If you need help

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What are the key responsibilities of a Strategy Online Marketing Business Consultant?


  • Developing and implementing online marketing strategies to drive traffic and generate leads, sales
  • Monitoring/evaluating the performance of the agreed upon marketing and strategies across channels
  • Advising on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve website visibility, UX (Customer Experience) and Rankings
  • Creating and managing SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) with Google Ads and other Social Media/Marketing Campaigns to engage with customers and promote products/services
  • Developing Newsletter/ email marketing campaigns to reach out to customers and build brand loyalty
  • Using Data to analyse our client’s website, Ads and social media metrics to measure performance and optimise their Marketing  Campaigns
  • Using Keyword Research and assist our client’s with content creation to improve customer engagement and CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Identifying and evaluating new digital marketing tools and technologies to improve our client’s effectiveness (and efficiency)
  • Providing training/coaching to support skill development and performance improvement for owners /staff
  • Developing and implementing digital crisis management plans ( inc monthly site maintenance) to manage our client’s  reputation and minimise any negative impact on their business.
  • Conducting market research and analysis to inform and assist business decisions
  • Analysing trends and competition in the market, to identify new & existing growth opportunities
    At JSM we sometimes refer to some of these areas for generating more revenue as the “Green Pumpkins” concept!
  • Developing business plans and strategies to achieve short, medium and long-term goals (depending on the Brief)
  • When required, developing and implementing change management plans to support our client’s business transformation
  •  Occasionally providing training/coaching to employees to support skill development and performance improvement.
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