What is the New Business Opportunity concept we call GREEN PUMPKINS?

It’s an analogy JumpStart’s Team coined, that we use to explain a particular concept to our clients.
The essence of the “Green Pumpkins” concept?
Using the data and research we perform for our clients as part of our Strategic Consulting, we will often discover a NEW business opportunity for them in their Niche.
For example, IF our clients are selling regular ‘orange pumpkins’, we will find a related product or service they had no idea could be something they could ALSO provide to customers.
Often this “Green Pumpkin” product or service is already driving traffic to the site, even though it is not currently a product or service.
Google might believe
the product and services are related and send traffic to test the results.
Knowing this is happening is what we do and then, being willing to take advantage of it, is what we help our clients do.
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“Green Pumpkin” is a product or service that you do not yet offer, that Google is driving traffic to your site for and / OR Google Ads or Bing ads has a very affordable CPC.(Cost Per Click)
If someone approaches you for a product or service that you could easily provide and generate enough profit to make it worth your time, would YOU?
This increases their revenue, database and can be used to attract an entirely different customer subset.  Hence “Green Pumpkins”
It’s a win win.
This is different from the traditional “Upsell” or “Cross Sell” concept.
People spend so much time focusing on their own thoughts of their business plan.
This often means they are unwilling to entertain what a “data driven” approach represents – and what this approach could mean to the growth of their business
Without a “data driven” approach, a customer-centric approach cannot be applied, meaning NO Green Pumpkins opportunities/ Results  for that business owner.

What is DDDM (Data Driven Decision Making)?

Tableau: “Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is defined as using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives, and initiatives
When organizations realize the full value of their data, that means everyone—whether you’re a business analyst, sales manager, or human resource specialist—is empowered to make better decisions with data, every day.”

Of course, DDDM ( Data Driven Decision Making) relies on good data and expert analysis (as part of strategic consulting) as this recent Forbes article explains:
“Most organizations have invested heavily in using data to enhance the quality of their decision-making process.
Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is the process of using data or facts to inform decisions rather than just relying on intuition, observation or guesswork.
On a daily basis, multitudes of business decisions are made across an organization—from the executive boardroom down to the frontlines with customers.
If more of these decisions can be guided or informed by data, the promise of DDDM means organizations will be able to make better decisions more confidently, more frequently and with better outcomes.”

What is Strategic Consulting?

At JSM, Strategic Consulting is our methodology and we place our clients at the heart of all our strategies and actions.
We do this by reviewing their data from many sources, mainly Google tools
Sales is a numbers game.

Our task is to reach the millions of people searching for what our clients provide every month.

JumpStart’s Team  inevitably/regularly experiences clients that simply do not understand the reach of the internet.
It is like attempting to explain infinity or why the answer to the inequation “is “X multiplied by 2 greater than, less than or equal to Y”?
The answer is is YES!

If this breaks your brain, then so will the complexity of the Internet!
Much less explaining what an ‘average average’ is and is it the mean, median or mode….or is it range?)

Why IS Content creation so important for any Business?

Most businesses are missing out on many, many organic searches every month, simply because they do not have the core content on their site, for the Search Engines to SHOW to people searching!
JSM can reach millions more searchers for most clients, if our data driven strategies and consulting advice are implemented – and in the priority order.

Yes, even on a site without a logo! (Alert: Insider Graphics Humour)

At JumpStart Matrix, we are not interested in making the client “happy” in regards to the LOOK of the site as the first priority ( especially at the lower end of the budget spectrum)
We have tried/done this strategy over and over ( at the client’s insistence) – and failed.
Allowing the Client to dictate the graphical design of a project before the strategic implementation of a well planned strategy, is dooming most projects to failure.
Note: Unless we are building an informational or portfolio site that plans NO SEO or SEM, because you have $ thousands per week to outlay for SEM OR you don’t care IF anyone ever visits your site without a personal invite.
As a business owner, you need to know about Site “Flow” and “Friction” as it does impact your site’s performance.

Once our new clients are on board with their new website, the goal is to start strategically planning the next stages and actions, to meet their needs and Goals…which hopefully will include “Green Pumpkins”.

I recall reading an older Entrepreneur Magazine article that stated:
“Learn the language of people’s problems( and I would add, needs) and you’ll discover untapped markets”

RockContent wrote an article that is aligned with our Green Pumpkins concept and I quote :

Stand out

If you need to stand out from the sea of competitors trying their best out there, consider finding more suitable keywords.
With them, you will have the chance to address specific subjects that matter a lot to your customers and, by doing so, you will easily get their attention.
The internet is packed with ideas, new content, new strategies, and even new formats.
Every day, people search for things online and find what they need.
So, how do you create a voice that will be heard?
How do you get your message across?
Of course, that’s not only due to the keywords you use, but they play an important part.
They define not only what you’re going to talk about, but how you must address those topics.
Therefore, you can create something so unique that customers will feel the urge to read and share.”

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