Every business owner should have the peace of mind that a back up of their entire website is maintained and security is in place to minimise the catastrophic effects of hacking or if for some other reason your site goes down.

JumpStart Matrix has 3 levels of monthly Site Maintenance Plans: Startup, Business and Enterprise
All of the Plans have this Full Website Back up service included:

Full Website Backup

JumpStart Matrix will provide you:

  •         Automatic daily backup of web files, databases and emails.
  •         Protection against threats from hackers and cybercriminals
  •         Simple recovery and restoration of your data from previous versions
  •         Protection against database corruption
  •         A simple ‘self-healing’ function
  •         Secure data storage in separate facilities away from your local files and servers

For more information on why you MUST / should have regular website back ups in place, read our early post on What Are Full Website Backups And Why Do You Need Them?

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