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We will research the Top 5 Keywords you supply us and give you a “Keyword Research Report” with information to help your business get better results on Google!|
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What is Keyword Research?

One of the most essential things your business needs to know is what words and phrases your target market is typing into Google (and the other Search Engines) to find your specific product, niche or service.
We take the “Top 5” seed keywords or phrases you provide us that you feel will attract your target market and deliver data on those top 5 keywords- as well as related and useful terms and insights for your business or service!

Our Keyword Research Report can also be used to write your content.
Need to know what related Services or Products may also work for your business? We can help uncover that ‘intel’ for things you may not currently sell! Ask Us.

Click Add To Cart to get your ‘What is Keyword Research’ PDF and let us tell you what keywords you need in place for your Google Ads account!

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We have many options available for more detailed Keyword Research Reporting, that will assist you with both your content creation and Google Adwords.
Please Contact us for our rates on our in depth reporting.

We also have other ‘Add On’ products to help your Ads ( formerly Adwords) account.
Here are a few:
Ad Extensions
Conversion Tracking
Site Functionality Reporting


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