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Is your site ready to promote? Stop guessing
Let us verify that your site is ready for promotion- before you spend your money.
JSM Comprehensive Website Audit & On-Page Analysis will show you where you need help.


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Why does your site need our comprehensive Site Audit?

This is a thorough technical website audit of your site’s crawlability issues.
Jumpstart Matrix will run an in depth Site Audit to reveal issues on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings and user experience
This deeper Audit looks for crawlability issues such as broken links and images, duplicate content, crawling errors, poor mobile usability, site speed, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content and more.
Then we can go through the list of SEO errors that we find during your site audit with you.

Comprehensive Site Audit index and crawlability issues image

Comprehensive Site index and crawlability Audit issues revealed

For every error, your Report will list pages and posts it affects, along with how-to-fix instructions if you want implement the fixes yourself- OR JSM can discuss implementation of all recommendations for you.

What is involved in our different types of Site Audits?
We will look at different types of pages on your site
About-  Other dedicated page types like Services
Blog Category page
Blog Page

 JumpStart Matrix will provide a comprehensive Site Audit- starting at $3,000 + GST.*

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Simple things, for example:

  • Do you have 404 Pages?
  • Broken links and images?
  • Is there a ‘Call to Action’? (commonly referred to as a CTA)
  • Is the correct SEO technique used to display this Call to Action?
  • Is the Page ‘optimised’ for the Search Engines (and your visitors) to perform with the correct meta data?
  • Are you making the best use of your ‘Virtual Real Estate’?
  • What IS your ‘virtual Real Estate’?
  • Are your Images the right size and optimised?
  • There are many different components to any Site Audit. We need to discuss your site, goals and requirements

Schedule a Free Strategy Call
We can determine if your ‘Landing page(s) are ready for marketing and promotion online. Don’t waste your money until you know!
(*You can order as many pages as you need OR ask us to quote you if you have many.)

Technical SEO analysis and on-page optimisation demand solid data evaluation and a good deal of multitasking.
JSM accompanies its SEO Site Audits with visualisation of accurate data, things likeOn Page SEO Website Audit Visualisation example image

  • Technical website audit and fixes tips
  • On Page SEO Audit
  • Site structure visualisations
  • Content optimisation areas

Note: Most completed Site Audit reports provide us the necessary data to start strategising for a Google Ads Campaign for your business, if not everything we need to test the first Campaign.

*If you want or need more than 5 Website Pages reviewed, please Contact Us to discuss 

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This comprehensive Site Audit includes our Keyword Research Report  and other strategic online marketing insights not included in other Audits.


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