Why should any business invest in Google Ads?

  • It’s Measurable (Who doesn’t love ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Ads drives More Sales (Sales is a numbers game- You need Traffic!)
  • It’s Faster Than SEO (SEO IS important – Yes! but there is too much “noise” /competition out there now to easily ‘rank’)
  • It’s Scalable (Build out more Ads Campaigns as you get Results or new Products/Services)
  • Builds Your Brand Awareness (Visibility is critical)
  • Drives More Sales (Yes please!)
  • It’s Cost-Effective (You can control the Spend, tweak for improvements and Track it)
  • Your Competitors Are! (Don’t be left Behind)
  • Target and reach people precisely at the right moment in the Sales Cycle

Google doesn’t spell out what types of businesses would benefit from Search ads (the text ads on the “Search Network”)
AND Google isn’t really forthcoming about what to expect when you do advertise, with different-sized budgets.
This means that most SME (small-to-medium-sized) businesses aren’t sure what budget they need to outlay OR how Google Ads can work for them.
The whole Google Ads platform is designed with SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) advertising professionals in mind
(The Ads Dashboard is like a Pilots Cockpit)
Despite all that, Google Search Ads can be extremely useful and profitable (at nearly any budget) for most businesses.
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Questions to help you decide if Google Search Ads are a good fit for your business.

Did your business advertise in the “Old School” way eg Yellow Pages or Local Paper Classifieds?

The Yellow Pages? What is that you ask…LOL
Those old phone books (and local newspapers) we all went to when looking for local and regional businesses/ professionals like electricians, plumbers, accountants, dentists, lawyers, landscapers/ gardeners etc
One of the best indicators that your business might benefit from Google Search Ads is whether your business bought (or would have bought if there was no Google!) an ad in the Yellow Pages 15-20 years ago.
Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) have since taken the place of the old school channels, essentially becoming a more dynamic/ complete version of them, as there are not the same print deadlines etc
So, if you were (or could have been)  a Yellow Page advertiser there is a very good chance Google Search Ads are right for you now!
One of the best things about Google Ads is that generally the results are fast.
Other approaches to improve your search result “rankings”, like SEO, can take a long time to start working.
One reason Google Ads is an attractive marketing tactic is the ability to track ROI (Return On Investment)
ROI is a huge consideration for your marketing budget and Google PPC(Pay Per Click)Ads eliminates the guesswork, as everything is trackable ( in tandem with Google Analytics data)

Are People searching for your Product or Service?

If people aren’t searching for what you’re selling, there is obviously no point in buying Ads!
But HOW do you find out how “hungry” your market is?
Keyword Research is essential to ensure your niche market are using Google Search to discover your products/services (and to also discover other potential opportunities)
JumpStart Matrix can help you with your Keyword Research and identifying other related opportunities for your business

Do you know your “Numbers”?

Keyword Research also provides estimates on the CPC ( Cost Per Click) for each keyword on Google Ads.
(Remember, you do NOT pay when your Ads are shown ( Impressions) ONLY when someone clicks on your Ad and comes to your site)
With this additional estimates information from Keyword Research, you will have some idea how much money you’ll need to spend to gain a new customer – and whether that expense is affordable for your business or niche.
For example, you’re a lawyer and each new client is worth about $1000 to you, the average CPC is $5 and for every 100 clicks, you get 2 new clients
That is a 2% “Conversion” rate, ie  for every 100 clicks you spend $500, but you bring in $2000 in revenue.
Conversely for another business, where the CPC remains $5, the conversion rate remains 2%, BUT a new client is only worth $100, for every 100 clicks, you’re still spending $500 but only bringing in $200. Not a great equation!
This is why you need to have some idea of your numbers in advance – and that takes expert help.

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Do You Have The Budget for Google Ads?

For smaller budgets, Google’s Ads work over longer periods of time. You will need enough budget to test everything and optimise.
Sometimes this means running Ads Campaigns that could initially lose money, but then go into the ‘black’, as your professional Ads manager refines targeting and bidding over time.
As with most things, the more money you can invest early on, the faster the results.
Any business considering Google Ads needs to have some budget set aside to test out the effectiveness of search campaigns.
Google Ads can be worth it for smaller businesses!
The benefits advertising on Google offer outweigh the disadvantages for most businesses-  IF the Ads Campaigns are run by experts.
Google keeps changing the Rules!

Your professional Ads Team can find ways to navigate around any disadvantages
If you are concerned about your Ads budget, JumpStart can assist.
This means you will largely avoid competing with larger, more ‘cashed up’ businesses by using more ‘longtail’ and local keywords strategies.
This brings down the cost of bidding on keywords everyone in your niche market wants to show up for in Search Results.
These keywords, once identified, can be effective in driving targeted/ higher converting traffic to your website.

Is your website ready to convert visitors into Buyers with a (properly set up) Sales Funnel?

Many people forget this most basic of facts.
There is a lot of talk about UX ( User Experience) when someone lands on your site, for a reason! Google pays a LOT of attention to any visitors ‘experience” on a website
IF your website is not set up correctly, to get your visitors to where they want to go ( and you need them to go) i.e.to easily and quickly find what they want to buy your Product or Service, money spent on Ads can be wasted.
These days, people get frustrated quickly and leave any site, if it is hard to navigate and find what they want quickly.
This is further compounded on a Mobile device- is your site Mobile ready and friendly?
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Is Google Ads Spend under Your Control?

Yes. Especially when set up but professionals!
Remember, Google Ads is scalable, so you can build up and cut back, as dictated by your Budget.

Smaller business owners can start with a very targeted Search Campaign and expand it over time, to include more Services/Products and add more Campaigns as they are needed or can be added with their budget…It’s flexible.
Just started your business or are trying to increase your reach and visibility?
Google Ads is a great way to help increase awareness in your brand.
Getting your business online through the different Google Campaign types, gets your products or services out there in front of potentially millions of people, searching for what you offer or do- that previously did NOT know you existed!
These are just some  the reasons why Google Ads is such an effective digital marketing tool for ANY Business, when handled by professionals
Google Ads isn’t easy to learn, so navigating the tool can be complicated. Have you got lots of time to learn it?
You need to understand how keyword bidding works, figure out keywords you should target and when.
Then invest time into monitoring how your Ads are performing and making adjustments based on the DATA from Ads, Analytics and Search Console
You could end up wasting a lot of money if you don’t manage your ad campaign closely.

Here’s the issue: Google keeps making changes to its algorithm in its Ads Platform.
Many of those changes for a small business are a trap.
Google is trying to push its customers more & more into automated bidding structures which can (& does) take away an advertiser’s control.
When the advertiser isn’t in control (with other strategies than automated bidding!) the algorithm dictates the CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
Automated bidding forces local smaller advertisers to compete with big-budget national brands by being automatically inserted into results where they may not even be relevant – just because Google’s ads algorithm thinks a click might result from that placement.
Do YOU want to pay for a Click that is NOT relevant for your business?
I didn’t think so.

Would you rather focus on your business and leave the Marketing to the Experts, just as you do for most other professional services?

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