These days, ranking for your site’s content on the Search Engines like Google is extremely tough.
Great Keyword Research is a must.
Also, you should be thinking of the best and most comprehensive ways to answer any query or issue your potential clients might have.
You need to be considered a resource for them.

Google wants to see you providing real, relevant information.
It’s no longer enough to write 300 words, think that is sufficient and not update your content very regularly.
Google and the other Search Engines want ‘dynamic content’.


  • Do you have a FAQ section?
  • Have you got information on your customers Top  5 or 10 problems and written a decent article with a solution on every one of them?
  • Do you have a PDF or eBook on those Top 5 problems they can download? Its proven effective in building a relationship with potential customers!

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Maggie Holley is an Google Certified Online Marketing Consultant,Entrepreneur, former Sales Manager and Marketing Coach.