Ranking on the SERPS

For years old school SEO companies (Search Engine Optimisation) got away with things like  ‘keyword stuffing’ in articles and very dodgy linking practices on their clients websites.
There are  many people that feel very confused about the process of ranking ‘organically’ on Google and the other Search Engines as a result…The rules have changed.

Do you want to spend years of your life keeping up to date with all the latest changes on SEO and the (tough) business of getting that virtual ‘prime real estate’?
No? didn’t think so… you need to call in someone who does do that as part of their core business…..so you can focus on YOUR business!

The first thing we will need to do is look at what you do have in place right now on your site.
Order a Site Functionality report from JumpStart Matrix.

We will give you the good… and bad news.
Then fix things- or you can give the Report to your web team and they can fix things!

Maggie Holley is an Google Certified Online Marketing Consultant, former Sales Manager and NLP Coach.Less kind people have muttered something about “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (Multiple Personality Disorder)but Maggie’s entrepreneurial ways are unfazed and undaunted!