Planning Your Content Creation

You know you have to write content for your website.
You make yourself sit down and just start writing, right? Wrong.

Why is it that nearly every business person understands that for just about everything else, they MUST have a Plan in place to follow, track and measure – but not content creation?

Lets get back to the basics.
When you created your online business, part of what you had to do was “identify your niche market” and try to get a clear picture of your “ideal client”.
You set the website up after  identifying and planning and hoped those ‘ideal clients’ would come.
If they haven’t come in droves , you might want to ask yourself what ARE the top 5 problems your clients wrestle with consistently?

Then look at your site’s content:

  • Have you provided clear information / solutions ( hopefully that can be upsold at a later stage as a product or service) that specifically address those pain points?
  • Is that content fresh and very relevant?
  • Do you provide the pros and cons and /or direct them to other very helpful resources?
  • Do you have relevant keywords in your content?

For most businesses you first need to create some rapport with your audience.

As a former Sales manager, I used to take the time to establish a relationship, based on integrity and trust, with my customers.
That approach has not changed since establishing my Online Marketing Agency. The trust you create will earn your client’s confidence in your ability to solve their problem.
It is Not a ‘Hard Sell’ approach.

JumpStart Matrix are on the developer team with Elegant Themes.
They have much useful information and I liked the 4 ‘Best Practices’ below mentioned in this latest post from Joe Fylan “Blogging Basics: How to Produce Content That Will Grow Your WordPress Business” :

“Be Helpful First

Nobody likes being sold. The whole purpose of content marketing is to educate and help prospects first, and then help them make a buying decision. Phase one and two are the most important steps in the buyer’s journey. Don’t underestimate their value.

Create Easily Consumed Content
Like you, prospects and customers are busy. Chances are, they don’t always have time to read through 2000 word posts (my apologies). For the most part, keep it short and specific to the problem at hand. Use varying mediums – written content, videos and audio can all make the journey easier.

Specificity Rules the Game
While it’s easier to write content that applies to your whole audience, that’s not necessarily the best choice. The whole purpose of creating detailed customer personas is so that you can create content which speaks directly to them. Yes, it’s time-consuming. Especially if you have more than a few personas, but that’s what will help to separate your content from the competition.

Be Good, Not Beautiful
A short 40-word blog post that discusses a specific solution to a prospect’s problem is always better that a 2500 word post that contains a dozen beautiful images and is full of fluff. The same thing applies to a video recorded with your iPhone versus a high-quality digital production. If your two-minute video presents valuable information or answers specific questions, you’re on the right track. Obviously you want to appear professional, but don’t substitute flash for substance. “

This is solid advice for any online business- not just a WordPress site!
Do you need a Site Review to work out what is not working for your business?

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Maggie Holley is an Google Certified Online Marketing Consultant,Entrepreneur, former Sales Manager and Marketing Coach.