Most of my clients seem to develop “writers block” after an initial flurry of activity when they first start their new site.
I recently talked one such client through getting something up – rather than NOTHING.
I know you all hear the phrase “Content is King” ( or Queen) ad nauseum.
There IS a reason for that- Google ( and the other Search Engines) love it and want to see you posting it!
So here is one (or 2) ‘hacks’ for just getting into writing Posts.
First; if you are lucky enough to have a WordPress site and know how to login to your ‘Dashboard’ you can configure that dashboard to show you the “Quick Draft” box:

Quick Draft Box in a WordPress Dashboard

Tip: Log in and drag that box to the top left in your Dashboard, as I have done above, so it is the first thing you see!
Then, as soon as you have 3 or 4 paragraphs or even just an IDEA, log in , use that Quick Draft box to add your Title ( remember your keywords!) and click “Save”
3 or 4 paragraphs published frequently is better than that “War & Peace” type Post you have been slaving over (or procrastinating) and just not finished, so get them in the Draft.. then hit “Publish’.
The more you write and Publish- the more chance Google WILL send more people to your Site.

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