Recently I advised a client to go and get herself a Gravatar to use with her WordPress site.

What is a Gravatar?

Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar.
(Gravatar is a service created and run by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s company called Automattic
It allows anyone to create a profile and associate avatar images to their email addresses
WordPress explains Gravatar … as they put it “Once you configure your avatar, you’ll see it when you comment on blogs, when you post to the forums, with any post displayed in’s community features, and on any other site using Gravatar’s feature.”
If you have a site/ are a WordPress User, it helps you create a unique profile picture that automatically shows upon other sites.
(If you’re a WordPress webmaster, it helps you automatically display profile pictures for your users and commenters as well)

Why would you need a Gravatar?

Apart from the above practical and useful reasons, as a species we are wired for human connections.
Despite all our advances in technology, most people still enjoy talking with a real person, rather than an automated system.
Also, if we can see a person’s face we can build a better rapport with them, as we somehow feel we ‘know” them. This is the default WordPress Users Profile pic:

Default WP User Profile image

As Hubspot explained well..” The same goes for comments on WordPress websites.
When people leave comments, you may find yourself gravitating to the ones with a profile picture.
We trust that the person left an honest opinion because they were brave enough to upload their avatar alongside their comments. For businesses, a brand logo can have a similar effect and can serve as your avatar to boost brand visibility and establish a connection with your audience.

However, if you’re posting comments on multiple blogs, it’s a time-consuming task to upload your logo every single time. Gravatar solves this problem by connecting your avatar with your email address. So, when you log in to leave a comment on a WordPress site, your avatar will automatically appear next to your statement.”

Would you rather be the anonymous grey blob or show up as your favourite selfie? No Brainer!
It’s free and easy to do so head over and get your custom avatar today

Gravatar's site with an image of  how to create and implement your 'avatar' or gravatar picture.


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