Firstly, you need to set up a hosting account with a solid worldwide Hosting provider.
It really all depends where you are located
We have Fast Simple Domains that can help with BOTH Domains & Hosting
You need to set up a Hosting account with GOOD Support

The quality and timing of Hosting Support can make OR break your business results.
If you are planning on results mostly in Australia and developing your site with a lot of content, you should look at local Hosting with Servers based in Australia for the best speed.
Check the online forums talking about Hosting companies first.
Once you purchase your Hosting package, you can configure it – IF you feel confident working in your Hosting ‘cPanel’

What is a cPanel?

cPanel (abbreviated Control Panel) is a popular web-based Hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and a suite of tools to simplify website management and server administration tasks.
It is designed to (supposedly) be user-friendly, allowing website owners and their administrators to manage various aspects of their hosting account, without requiring much extensive technical knowledge.
It still requires some computer skills!
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