By now you should realise that you can register your Domain name with 1 company AND get hosting support yearly included in the Domain name purchase.
You can look to a separate company to buy your site’s Hosting ie be your web Hosting Provider.

What is website hosting?

When someone types in your Domain name (or Google loads your site for people searching for something related to your business) there is a process that occurs:

  • The Domain is translated into your server IP address
  • The server sends your website files to that visitor
  • Those files are displayed to them as your web page and will look a certain way, depending on your platform, theme, graphics and the visitors monitor resolution.

Without hosting, your website is not “live”.

In you are based in Australia, you need to talk to JumpStart about a local , affordable solution for your business like ours Fast Simple Domains
We also recommend WP Engine for its speed- but there is no email hosting with this provider so you have to have a separate solution.

JumpStart also sets up a free development server for any new site that we build, to get you up and running.

You must make sure to keep your Log On information for both Registrar and Hosting for your domain(s) somewhere safe and that the administrator (admin) email for both services will reach you- or you risk losing your Domain names if you miss the renewal!

Keep a Notepad file with all of this information ie Logins ad passwords in ONE place.
We have had a LOT of clients either lose Domains and /OR be unable to access them, as they have not kept good records.

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