Monthly Site Maintenance is increasingly important, especially in these times of increased worldwide Hacking and wanting top performance for your business!
One of the services in our 3 levels of Monthly Site Maintenance Plans is site optimisation- Basic and Advanced.

What is Basic Site Optimisation?

Website optimisation involves processes with tools, strategies and different experiments designed to improve the performance of your website.
This will grow and drive more traffic with the main goal to increase conversions and so sales and revenue
 with a more effective site
This process of using controlled experimentation to improve a website’s ability to drive business goals, implementing A/B testing amongst other things to experiment with variations on pages of their website helps determine which changes will ultimately result in more conversions (eg.more sales, better organic search results, more prominent CTA’s (Calls to Action) etc.)
The data will drive the changes- not ‘guesswork’

Website optimisation also determines how effective and valuable your website is to Google and your Visitors or potential customers.

Here is what JumpStart Matrix offers as a part of our site optimisation in our monthly plans:

  1. Full review of your website’s analytics to identify problematic areas such as webpages with high Bounce or Exit rates.
  2. Listing problems on the basis of priority and fixing them step by step.

The goals of any website obviously varies, depending upon the type of business or niche, the business’ target or ‘ideal’ customers, as well as their desired action or conversion for those customers or visitors
A purchase
Filling out a form for Lead generation
or for actions like reading an article.

Optimizely has a good article listing out some information on Goals and Actions involved when thinking about optimising a website
For instance:

  • An online publication practices website optimization with the conversion goal of increasing the number of articles visitors read.
  • An online store optimizes its website to encourage completion of checkouts and repeat purchases.
  • An online software company optimizes its website to improve the rate at which visitors sign up for (or convert to) a free trial of the product.
  • An insurance company optimizes its website to capture more potential leads for insurance coverage sales.
  • A fundraising campaign optimizes their donation form to encourage more donations.

8 elements of websites to optimize

Depending on the company’s goal, website optimization could include testing:

  • A headline, or key messages related to the company’s value proposition.
  • The use of visual media, like photography or a video.
  • The length of a form, varying the number of required fields or the order of completion.
  • The prominent display of customer case studies that describes their success using your product or service.
  • The visual style, text, and placement of a call to action (CTA) button or link.
  • The organization of the website’s navigation.
  • The placement of social sharing functionality.
  • The appearance and organization of the webpage for a visitor on a mobile device.

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