Google Ads Account Campaign Audit


JSM will audit your current Google Ads Account for 1 Campaign, to improve your results from your Ads spend!
Ask us to quote for more complex, mature Accounts and Campaigns

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A Google Ads account Audit includes:

  • JSM’s Audit 1 Google Search Network Campaign targeting your country of choice, includes:
    • Ads
    • Adgroups
    •  Assets
    • Locations
    • Bid strategy
    • Search keywords
    • Landing Pages
  • Your Ads Budget and findings will be set discussed in a follow up consultation with you
  • The Consultation will also include discussion on better strategies to implement

Why Audit your Google Ads?

Having someone else audit your Google Ads Campaigns can offer several advantages:
Fresh perspective:
An external auditor brings a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective to your campaigns.
They can identify areas for improvement or optimisation that you may have overlooked due to familiarity or biases.(We ALL have them!)
Their more objective analysis can uncover new opportunities and provide valuable insights.

Expertise and experience:
Professional auditors have more specialised knowledge and experience in Google Ads.
JumpStart are familiar with best practices, industry trends and effective strategies for campaign optimisation.
Our expertise can help you identify areas where you can enhance your campaigns and maximise your return on investment (ROI).

Identify wasteful spending:
JSM’s Ads audit can help uncover instances of wasteful spending in your campaigns, by identifying irrelevant or underperforming keywords, poorly optimised ad groups, bid strategies or ineffective targeting settings that may be draining your budget!
By pinpointing areas where you can trim unnecessary costs, our audit can and will help you allocate your budget more effectively.

You focus on your business – and JumpStart will focus on increasing traffic and conversions for you!

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