I sat, like many of you, watching Oprah’s ( rousing!) speech at the Golden Globe Awards 

And I thought, not for the first time, that I need to do MORE to reach out to other women starting their own businesses.
I have walked that path.. and it can be hard and isolating.
We women need to adopt the ‘better’ strategies used by networking men- and utilise our own strengths as a more collaborative gender.

What did I do about this today?
I emailed women and businesses on LinkedIn and then started a Lean In Circle for Sydney based women ( and others online) “Women As Entrepreneurs

I have a lot of knowledge and insights gained over many years in Sales & Marketing- and as an NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach.
I like to think that this experience can be used specifically to serve OTHER women ( and budding) entrepreneurs to achieve results for their business or new venture.

My Team at JSM are expert at getting visibility and results on Google – specifically in Ads, but also with the correct SEO techniques to fix websites that are NOT ‘performing’.

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