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What is Woo Commerce Store Optimisation?

Optimising your WooCommerce shop is all about the user experience (UX) (as well as Google)
Nowadays, Users expect a level of polish, usability and of course speed when shopping online( especially if they are on their Mobile phones)
If your Woo Commerce site/ store does not deliver that, they will leave and go back to Google to search /elsewhere- FAST.
When that happens it is lost revenue! Not Good.

There’s no denying that ‘sloppy’ Woo Commerce stores can quickly ‘burn a hole in your pocket’ in the form of a rise in cart abandonment, downward-pointing business metrics and a conspicuous dip in customer loyalty.
It will also affect your brand image in a negative way, thus resulting in fewer visitors and even SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) visibility.
Customers don’t like to wait, so don’t make them!
Elegant Themes had an informative article on the things that ARE involved in optimising a Woo Commerce website and the why e.g
“In 2012, Amazon estimated that a single extra second in loading times could cost them as much as $1.6 billion each year.
That figure has only grown in the years since. While none of us are bringing in billions of dollars of revenue (and if you are, let us say big congrats!), WooCommerce optimization definitely affects your bottom line. Whether that’s in the hundreds or thousands or billions of dollars”

Optimise your Woo Commerce store with the help of our experts, who are fully trained to fix ALL the common problems found on Woo Commerce websites, using tried and tested techniques.

 *This service is only available in our Enterprise Monthly Plan

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