What is a Web Host Migration Service?

Sometimes you are forced to change your website’s hosting or you decide a better,faster host is a good idea for your business.
Do you want to do this yourself manually OR is having a trained team on standby able to do this for you a much better use of your time?
Migrating a website can be a daunting task, as a large amount of work goes into the migration process.

  • Move your site’s files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  (Do you know what that is and how it works?)
  • Export your site’s current database from your old hosting company ( Do you have your logons? Is your site backed up?)
  • Create a new database and import it to your new hosting company (how do you create a NEW database and import this?)
  • Update configuration details if needed ( What ARE ‘configuration details’?)
  • Test your site (Wait..What do you test?)
  • Move custom email addresses (How?)
  • Update your DNS  (Domain Name Servers) ( how do I find those?)
  • Test everything again (Again? Why?)

There is also a risk of the website’s SEO and data being impacted during or after the migration.
Our experienced team of developers focus on migrating websites without impacting their SEO, so your website moves to a new domain but without losing its organic visibility and rankings on the Search engines like Google

We provide a comprehensive migration service that include:

    •         Migration of website to new web hosting
    •         SEO migrations
    •         Migration of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
    •         Domain name migrations

* This Service is only included in our Enterprise level Monthly Site Maintenance Plans
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