If your website isn’t performing as it did when it was first built , then it could be due to broken links, web security, difficult or poor navigation and several other potential risks or ‘friction’. Sometimes this can result in your current and future customers losing faith in your business resulting in less money and leads for you.
JumpStart Matrix has 3 different Plans that encompass StartUp, Business and Enterprise level of monthly website maintenance

What is Website Testing and QA (Quality Assurance)?

*Website Testing and QA (Quality Assurance) is the process of testing all elements of a website for any errors or mistakes that weren’t noticed during the websites development.
Our team carries out diligent testing of the website to reduce the risks and ensure web quality.
We detect all underlying problems, from security breaches, to functional discrepancies and integration related issues to traffic congestion and more. At the end of our tests and QA process, your website will be working at optimal levels.

Usability Testing
This refers to testing Content for spelling errors, and images without Alt text (alternate text) and website Navigation features including Buttons, links, menus and whether they are consistent and easily viewable on ALL webpages.

Interface testing
Application, Database and Web tests are the 3 areas covered during this testing stage.
We will ensure that any errors that are caught are only able to be seen by the administrator not the end user, any queries get the right result when sent to the database and that the Web Server can handle application requests.

Database Testing
We look at data integrity, query response times, query execution and how data is displayed. 

Compatibility Testing
This ensures your website is displayed accurately across different devices, browsers and operating systems. 

Performance Testing
We will look at website response times/loading times at varying connection speeds, how your website functions under normal and peak loads, stress testing the website beyond its normal load to its ‘break point’, website response and recovery from peak load crash and website optimisation techniques.

Security Testing
For websites that have sensitive, private information e.g customer information, credit card details etc, this is one of the most vital tests to perform. We test for unauthorised access to secure pages, customer sessions closing after a period of inactivity and SSL certificates redirecting to encrypted SSL pages

*Only available in Business & Enterprise Plans
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