Do you want and need better results with data driven SEO Strategies?

When it comes to the Search Engines there are a lot of factors that are outside your control.
However, when it comes to your SEO strategy, you can eliminate some of that guesswork by engaging JumpStart Matrix to consult with you.

Our SEO Approach:
Data + Analysis + Implementation+ More Analysis = Results

Great SEO results are not random and are not achieved overnight.
Results come from data driven insights and strategies, backed by thorough testing, that help our team create customisations for your site and business for best results.

What does that look like for your business?

It starts with keyword research and an ‘in depth’ competitive analysis, utilising many tools.
Our SEO Team takes a look at your site’s current performance and identifies any changes or ‘friction’ that can help you more effectively communicate with Search Engines ( and your customers)
Tracking a host of metrics and analysing hundreds of data points, JumpStart constantly adjusts along the way, as Search Engines like Google tend to ‘move the goal posts’
We test, implement changes or drive that information to your Team and then… yep, we test some more!

Best Practice SEO never sleeps!

Over time, we expect to see and develop:

  • An overview of strategies and techniques to improve
  • Where opportunities exist to increase revenue
  • Identify Friction points in your (Sales) funnel and fix
  • Real data on how your competition is doing
  • Identify ‘your’ important keywords
  • Crawling your site to look for issues
  • Discussion on how long it will/may take to get results, as well as the associated costs based on your Budget.


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