Google announced it’s shutting down it’s market research product Google Surveys.

Whether you’re looking to test creative campaigns, collect important information, or gauge reactions to a recent event, consumer insights are critical. Google Surveys offers the tools to get fast, reliable insights from real people across the web — allowing you to make more informed business decisions, understand your marketing impact, and keep a pulse on the health of your brand.
With Surveys, real people answer your questions as they browse the internet — so they can get access to premium content and you get the insights you need. Respondents see Surveys questions on high-quality sites, and they answer your questions in return for access to content or Google Play credit. Design your survey, choose your audience, and review findings in a simple online interface. It’s that easy.

The service will be unavailable after November 1st 2022 and users will have another month to download historical data.

“Why is Surveys being sunset?” SEJ notes “Google hints at plans to repackage the service and offer it to customers through Google Ads”
Google says:
“While we believe in our mission of enabling businesses of all sizes to run custom market research with an easy to use and affordable tool, we do not believe the existing product is the best way to do this going forward. The Surveys team will be working to find new ways to bring the scale & insights of our research network to customers via Google Ads products for advertiser, customer, and market research.”

The basics of what it was:
“Google Surveys is a market research platform that surveys internet and smartphone users. Since its launch in 2012, Surveys has evolved in several ways: the maximum questions per survey has increased from 2 to 10, the online panel has expanded to tens of millions of unique daily users, and a new mobile app panel has 5M active users and additional segmentation capabilities”

Alternatives To Google Surveys

In it’s recent post SEJ offers 6 Alternatives like Tally and Workforms ( most offer some Free, as well as paid services) while we wait to see just what Google DOES do with this tool.
Note: This shutdown does not impact Google Forms, which is a separate service.

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