We will start sharing articles we find that really share our point of view… or at least are attempting to!

Stop Copying Your Competitors: They Don’t Know What They’re Doing Either”  by Peep Laja.
The Point:
Many will point out the issues with web designers.  We are not a web designers, we are consultants.

I’m constantly surprised by how many of these companies’ actions are opinion-driven, and how little actual data is gathered and used

This is a common way to build a website…..which means most people that build sites (aka web designers) use this method.
If you have read the article above, you will see that these are quotes from the article that we feel are very important and not commonly understood.

“The other common way these companies setup a website is to hire a web design company. The designer, who didn’t use any data and looked at a bunch of websites for inspiration, basically slapped something together that makes sense and looks all right.”
 “It’s rare that somebody has a completely data-driven site”

Because data driven sites are expensive.  We are working on a data driven site for you…..
Know the conversion rate you should be going for? Better than what you had last month”
“And, if the company also reported they had a repeatable design process the numbers grew to 71%.”

Of course, you have to know which data to use and how to use it.
This is where we come in as your online consultants.

“Have the mindset that you’re running an experiment. The thing you copy is a hypothesis – and you need to test it.”

Mentioned in Peep’s article was another by Joshua Porter at Bokardo: We liked what he had to say:

For every design change you make affecting your user’s experience, do you know if you’re having a positive or negative impact?
Are you adding to your organization’s bottom line or eroding it? Are you sure? Or, are you like most design teams who release work through a ramshackle process made up of politics, prayer, and paralysis? The health of the business must be the highest priority for designers.
With a plethora of fast and cheap analytics tools available that bring us the ability to measure almost anything, we have no excuse not to be measuring every design change we make. So don’t drive blindly: use metrics-driven design to make sure the impact you’re having is a positive one.”

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