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Set up a website Forum to save time handling enquiries and share on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter
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Do you have a product or service that gets a lot of people emailing you for advice ? Need to constantly expand FAQ’s?
It takes a lot of your valuable time to answer those enquiries!

You need a website Forum for your site, for anyone that wants to know more about you, your products & services.
We have a simple and easy solution, that is also very cost effective.

What are the benefits of a website Forum?

Website Forum Look and Feel

  • Use your own domain name
    Use your existing domain name for your forum.
  • Instantly change the look
    Themes allow you to change the entire look and feel of your forum in one click or even customize every aspect of your forum’s design.
  • Use your website’s layout
    Copy the HTML code for your website layout into your forum to make your forum look exactly like your website.
  • Embed it into your website
    Quickly and easily embed your forum into any page of your website.
  • Any device, anywhere!
    Our forums are mobile-friendly, making it easy to access your forum on the go!

General Features

  • Make money
    Make money from your forum by adding your own advertising or charging subscription fees.
  • Integrate your login & signup
    Integrate your website’s registration and login process with your forum so users only have to login or register once.
  • Facebook-style live chat
    Your users can chat and instant message each other with a built-in chat room and Facebook-style chat bar.
  • Share files and photos
    Attach files and images to posts and upload your own avatar images or photographs from your computer.
  • Login with Facebook (Meta)
    Users can login to your forum with their Facebook account, increasing participation by an average of 50%!
  • Easily embed videos
    Links to videos on popular video sites are automatically turned into an embedded video player right in the topic.
  • SEO Built in
    Search Engine Optimization is built into the foundation. Help search engines index your great content, and help users find it.
  • Social sharing
  • Easily share content on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Announce and organize events
    The built-in calendar makes managing events easier than ever.
  • Get feedback from users
    Add a voting poll to your topics to learn what your forum users think.
  • No branding
    Your forum will not contain any branding or references to our solution.It will look and feel like your website!
  • Embed new content easily
    Integrate the newest topics directly into your website with JavaScript and XML feeds, or use the traditional RSS feeds.
  • Multilingual
    Our international forums use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding to allow for full support of any language.

Security Features:

  • Assign administrators
  • Assign multiple moderators/administrators with detailed access rights for each individual forum or calendar.
  • Require your approval
    Approve posts, replies, and registrations before they go live.
  • Password protect content
    Password protect your entire forum or individual forums.
  • Set user permissions
    Assign users to groups to easily manage their settings and permissions. Set user group permission for each individual calendar or forum.
  • Privatise your forum
    Easily create a private forum by setting user group permissions.
  • Ensure safe & friendly content
    Block HTML and profanity from being posted.
  • Ban trouble makers
    Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your forum.
  • Stop Post spammers
    Our system has advanced filters built in that automatically detect and refuse unwanted spam posts.
  • Stop email spammers
    Our forum system has been built to automatically hide all email addresses from the public, stopping email spam completely.

Additional Features

  • Private messaging
    Private messaging is a convenient way for your members to contact one another privately without disclosing their email address. It’s like an email system built right into your forum!
  • Rate Topics
    Users can share their opinion by rating topics on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • Anonymous/Guest Posting
    Your forum can be configured to allow users to post in the entire forum or specific forums anonymously.
  • Unlimited
    Your forum can hold an unlimited number of forums, categories, topics, replies, and members.
  • Engaging user profiles
    Specify additional information users can show on their profile so your forum users can get to know each other.
  • Built-in mass emailing
    Easily email all of your forum users.
  • Member titles
    Encourage users to participate by assigning titles to the users who post the most.
  • Lock Topics/Forums
    Lock topics or forums so that new posts cannot be made in them.
  • Pin Topics
    Pin topics so they stay at the top of a forum. This is ideal for posting announcements.
  • Email Notifications
    Administrators can choose to receive an email notification when a new topic, reply, or registration occurs. Your forum users can subscribe to any topic or forum, allowing them to receive email notifications of replies or new topics.
  • User Promotions
    Give users more privileges based on their level of participation in the forum.
  • Plugins
    WordPress Or Joomla available

Pricing from $36.99 – 99.99 monthly .
One time set up fee $990.00

$990.00Add to cart

Create a Forum Now…… if you want us to do the heavy lifting.
We can also help you with a Membership site. Ask how.
STOP Struggling We can help!

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