JumpStart Matrix knows the importance of monthly Site Maintenance (especially in these times of increased worldwide Hacking)
JSM has 3 different Plans that encompass StartUp, Business and Enterprise level of monthly website maintenance

What is Hardcore Security Hardening on a website?

Security hardening is a set of steps that strengthen any WordPress website to protect it from Malware and Attacks.
Our Team uses WordFence to assist with Security on a WordPress site.
WordFence is accompanied by a website application firewall based on PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor – a widely-used, open source scripting language)
It provides a double-layered protection, where the first is a basic layer consisting of the WordFence firewall to run as a WordPress plugin.
This firewall will protect your website from all sorts of threats that trigger before the loading of WordPress themes and plugins
The second layer is called ‘Extended Protection’ and it allows the  WordFence plugin to run before the WordPress core, themes and plugins, offering a far better protection against more advanced security threats.

In the Premium version of the WordFence plugin, you can;

  1. Monitor and block suspicious activity
  2. Enable whois-lookup to check the suspicious IP addresses and diagnostic information to initiate debug issues with the plugin or your website.
  3. Setup 2-factor login to consolidate the login security of your website.

Our team will help you set up this plugin and configure all the features necessary to safeguard your website from hackers and other online threats.