You may have heard about Google Ads Coupons or Vouchers?
Google wants to help YOUR Business get started advertising today!

Free Ads Coupon Or Voucher

Google will assist you with a coupon, also known as an Ads Voucher  toward your advertising PPC (Pay Per Clicks) cost-  once you set up a Google Ads Campaign
You need to be a new customer to Google Ads- Existing accounts are not eligible for an Ads voucher unless they are less than 14 days old.

To get an Adwords coupon :

  • You need an email & password to Set up a Google account
  • Your Ads account must be less than 14 days old to qualify for the coupon
  • You must then spend $25.00 on your Adwords Campaign within 30 days for the coupon to be activated by Google.

Note: The $100 coupon is only available for the cost of Google Clicks on your ads, not for any other management of Campaigns or Analytics services

JumpStart Matrix can get an free Ads coupon for you.

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Example Tip: There are many different ways that people spell words. Coupon is one example!
We have also seen it typed into the Search on Google as ” kupon” or  “cupon”.
Keywords, their matching types and misspellings are just one area JumpStart Matrix has great experience with as a strategy in Adwords to help your account.

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