Advanced Website optimisation involves processes with tools, strategies and different experiments designed to improve the performance of your website which will grow and drive more traffic- the main goal is to increase conversions and so sales and revenue

What is Advanced Website Optimisation?

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Here is what we offer in our *Advanced Site Optimisation service:

  1. Full review of your website’s analytics to identify problematic areas such as webpages with high Bounce or Exit rates.
  2. Listing the problems on the basis of priority and fixing them step by step.
  3. A/B testing the website optimizations to keep changes that resulted in improved performance and discarding all others
  4. Optimize your website by incorporating winning tests and learning from the tests that weren’t successful.

The process for optimising your website follows the same principles as Conversion Rate Optimisation.(CRO)
In fact, the two terms are often used interchangeably.
Website optimisation is best conducted as an ongoing process, that (over time) makes your website more effective and valuable for your business 

1.Establish a hypothesis – We will review your Analytics and look for parts of your funnel that are performing poorly, such as pages with high Bounce or Exit rates.
We collect qualitative feedback from visitors as to why they’re not converting. We then brainstorm potential causes of poor performance to build a list of website optimisations to test.
2.Prioritise – After building your list of potential optimisations, we will put them in priority order. We put them in a spreadsheet and rank them in order of their anticipated impact, our confidence in their potential to improve performance and how easy it is to implement the change.
3.Test your optimizations – A/B testing the website optimizations is the next step. We will keep changes that improve the performance of your site, eliminate those that don’t.
4. Analyze tests – We will review the testing data to determine which hypotheses were true and which weren’t. By implementing the winning tests we’ll optimize the website for higher conversions with each winning variation.
We make sure we don’t end tests too early so that we don’t fall victim to misleading testing data.
5.Optimize your website – We will at last put your winning tests into play and learn from tests that didn’t win. We use both outcomes as inspiration for successive tests to run. Remember, website optimization is an ongoing process that produces its best gains over time.

JumpStart Matrix knows the importance of monthly Site Maintenance (especially in these times of increased worldwide Hacking)
JSM has 3 different Plans that encompass StartUp, Business and Enterprise level of monthly website maintenance

* Note: *Advanced Site Optimisation is only available in the Enterprise Plan

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