Plugins are pieces of software that work behind the scenes on your site- generally on the WordPress platform.
Some plugins add extra JavaScript or CSS files that have to be loaded slowing down your page load time, so getting rid of unnecessary  or not in use plugins can help.

You are less likely to keep any plugin up to date,if you’re not actively using it-  which can also cause security vulnerabilities.

Monthly Site Maintenance is increasingly important, especially in these times of increased worldwide Hacking and wanting top performance for your business!
JumpStart Matrix’s 3 levels of Monthly Site Maintenance include a Plugin Audit and Optimisation service

What is a Plugin Audit & Optimisation Service?

  1. This service includes firstly making a complete backup of your website
  2. We will also copy the current plugin list into a separate document for your records
  3. we will identify everything that should remain on the website to ensure its smooth functionality.
  4. We will also delete all plugins that are inactive or no longer supported to improve security.

Having multiple plugins that offer the same functionality eg two multiple security plugins,several form plugins or 2 backup plugins, can cause issues
We will review your current list and make recommendations or simply clean things up to improve performance and security.
It is also good practice to deactivate all the unneeded plugins and then, do another quick check through of your site, to make sure everything’s still working before deleting them.
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