Do you need an easy way to keep track of ALL activity on your WordPress site/ blogs?

WP Activity Log plug-in- a real time user activity and monitoring log plugin.

At JumpStart Matrix, we use WP Activity Log for our own website and our clients WordPress sites,
With quick installation and intuitive functionality, we’re sure that you’ll find it helpful.
Who is logging in to the wp-admin and what are they doing?
Security is top of mind for developers as hacking increases worldwide 

On the WP Activity Log plug-in page they quote the MAIN benefits as:

  • Know exactly what all your Users are doing!
  • Improving User accountability
  • Increasing User productivity
  • Better organisation of your WordPress Users and website
  • In depth understanding of User activity
  • Better website security, making it easy to identify possible security problems and/or suspicious behaviour

The free version is great value.
But, if you want more/ additional features such as reports, email notifications, SMS alerts, search & filters, integrations with logs management system and others you will need the Premium Edition.

Obviously, you will configure this according to you and/or your clients and how much information you need to use for the services you provide.
Team Jumpstart Matrix like to have as much information as possible to utilise in our clients best interests, to help boost their sales and get results!

Here is a quick ‘step by step’ showing the basics on setting up/ configuring the free WP Activity Log:

WP Activity Log Plugin Set Up Step by Step 1

WP Activity Log Plugin Set Up Step by Step 2

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