2015 was a whirl of changes to Social Media Channels.
2 of the most notable are Periscope and Blab – live streaming video Apps

Live Streaming Video with Periscope and Blab? What is the difference?

Good question.
Here is what I learned.

  • You can access both to set up/log in through your Twitter account
    (With Periscope you can have as many accounts as you have Twitter accounts- but you can have a separate Periscope name)
  • Periscope video broadcast replays ( called ‘scopes’) are only available for 24 hours after the Live Stream
    Note: as of May 2016 Scopes in beta testing are now available for longer.
  • Blab does not have a time limit ( so far) on their broadcast replays
  • Periscope only permits one host for their Scopes- whilst Blab has just rolled out a Co-Host feature, allowing multiple people to talk at one time,displaying them on screen.
  • Blab allows you, as the host, to choose to accept or deny someone else entering your video stream as a co host. We have The Power!
  • It seems more businesses are using Periscope (for things like Product  launches and How to videos) whilst Blab is a more group/social chat area.
  • You can like someone instantly in the live stream with Hearts for Periscope and Feels (the ‘Praise’ emoji) for Blab, which helps boost their popularity on the channel.
  • Periscope can be downloaded in both the App store and Google Play.
  • Currently Blab.im is only available for iOS download

Mashable Australia wrote a post on Blab ( and live streaming apps in general) recently:
“…one of the biggest potential uses for Blab: public conversations about important topics. It’s not difficult to imagine a live political debate between four people using Blab, all while commenters on the right side of the streams add commentary, questions and “feels” (indicating who might be winning the debate). The dynamic is already working for several users who have started regular video shows on the site, with a rotating list of video chat guests (a feat that once presented significant technical challenges).”
Mashable  also made the comment:
To participle as a video chatter in one of the squares — which I can’t help thinking looks like a 21st century Brady Bunch panel (translation = very fun) — you sign in with your Twitter credentials. Afterwards, when someone clicks on your name in Blab, they see the handle and bio you’ve already entered on your Twitter bio”
(Blab kinda DOES look like The Brady Bunch)

SocialMediaWeek came up with a nifty infographic on the differences:[airesizeimg src=”https://jumpstartmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/rsz_periscope-vs-blab-410×1024.jpg” alt=”Periscope OR Blab for video Live Streaming” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4210″ ]

Note : Below is Periscope set up – Stage 1 only. Stage 2 is coming..
I am indebted to Ana Hoffman for her great article, that got me fired up to actually create a Periscope profile, step by step just as I write here…and want to spread the word by writing this Post.
(Blab set up is a whole other article)

Lets Get Started with Periscope.

Head over to Periscope.
You now have the choice to log in with Twitter.. or your phone number.
Why wouldn’t you use your Twitter account? You must have some followers.
Pick your user name well ( Maybe you should claim your real name?!) You have the choice.
Once you are set up, this is what you will probably see like I do at present!
( unless you already are already a Legend on Twitter):[airesizeimg src=”https://jumpstartmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/NewUserOnPeriscope.png” alt=”Typical New User Profile On Periscope” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4212″ ]

The Icons at the bottom are where you need to start.

[airesizeimg src=”https://jumpstartmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Periscope_Screen_Icons_Explained$-300×185$.png” alt=”Periscope Live Streaming Video Screen Icons Explained” class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-4218″ ]

Essentially that covers the 3 things you can do on Periscope: Find People to follow, Watch Scopes or Broadcast Scopes.

Before you jump in- DO set up your Periscope profile:

Step 1:
[airesizeimg src=”https://jumpstartmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/EditProfile_001$-245×300$.png” alt=”Edit your Periscope Profile- Step 1″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-4223″ ]

Step 2:
[airesizeimg src=”https://jumpstartmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Periscope_profile_editing2015-10-04_2321$-300×295$.png” alt=”Periscope Profile Settings” class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-4226″ ]

Tip: Notice I have capitalised the words in my Agency name JumpStart Matrix…This helps people remember you (hopefully)
Also under your profile, you can see:

  • People you are Following (or unfollow them)
  • Your Followers (choose to follow them back)
  • People you’ve Blocked (or unblock them)
  • Your Broadcast replays (watch them or delete them- no other choice)

Periscope Push Notifications:

By default, you will receive a push notification when:

  • Someone starts following you or someone you follow starts a public broadcast
  • Someone you follow invites you to a private broadcast:
  • Someone you follow shares another person’s live broadcast Or
  • When someone you follow on Twitter live broadcasts for the first time.

It’s tempting to always ‘allow’ these notifications.. but battery life ( and sanity) can be a casualty.
Go to your device Settings, find Periscope and turn Notifications off, if you don’t want all this extra ‘noise’.

Try to find people in your space that you want to follow/ watch their scopes to see how they are working with it.
Why NOT start with me: Maggie Holley:  @jumpstartmatrix …  (C’mon.Working here)
Be selective! You don’t want a bunch of people that will make annoying comments and have no interest in what you scope.
Once you follow someone, tap on their profile to see who THEY follow and perhaps choose to follow their folks-  wisely.
Twitter will notify you when someone you follow is on Periscope.

My next Periscope Post will cover:

  • What are Periscope ‘Hearts” and how to use them
  • How to Block followers OR  Broadcast (scopes) commentators that are annoying
  • What IS the Periscope “Most Loved List” and should you follow people on it?
  • A Step by Step walk through on Broadcasting or Scoping
  • How to share a Broadcast ( Scope)
  • Live Demo!Lets actually do a Scope.
  • More on Setting up Blab.

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