Part of being Strategic Online Marketing Consultants means just like any other Industry professional, we need to keep up to date on all things Google.
That means reading, reading, reading and across diverse sources, that must be reputable and with deep knowledge.
Then we have to translate that research into action and implementation for our clients.

What is Google Search and why should you care?

  • Nearly EVERY Client we have (or have ever had) has their No.1 Goal of “ranking well on Google” SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • For us to be effective for our clients, we MUST know what & why ( and how) to find the best channels, or combination of channels to market them – online & offline.
  • As Google continues to be what I call the “9,000 lb Gorilla” ( forget the old “900 pound” saying) in our online marketing world, it is critical we stay on top of all their changes, no matter Big Updates or small tweaks
  • Being a dynamic technology company, Google regularly makes changes and updates to its platform. The frequency of these changes can vary depending on the specific products and services offered by Google.

Google helps by documenting some changes it makes in it’s Google Search.
It is necessary for SEO’s & Search Marketers to stay abreast /review how Google Search works now and do a “deep dive” into the actual language & terminology Google itself uses to describe how it functions.

SEJ (Search Engine Journal) is one source I refer to and here is just ONE example of what we are looking at:
Google … “informed us …“There have been 4,500 such improvements in 2020 alone,” the company said.
Google said in the year 2020, Google made 4,500 updates to Google Search. These changes can be ranking changes, user interface changes and much more.
By comparison, in 2019, Google made 3,200 changes to Google Search. Looking further back, in 2010, we covered that Google had about one change per day. Google said in 2019 it made about 350-400 changes in 2009.Clearly, Google has expedited those changes over the years and is increasing the rate at which it updates Google Search”
(Did I mention reading!?)
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Google Search Portal makes it CLEAR
“Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful…..It starts with Google Search”
(And BTW, shout out to Google Search Portal for the best “Hook” and Landing Page design!)

The Google Search Portal Page(s) image with their wording on their Mission and Approach

The ‘Google Search’ Portal Page(s) image with their wording on their Mission and Approach.

Google Search says
We believe that Search should:

    • Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available
    • Maximise access to information
    • Present information in the most useful way
    • Protect your privacy
    • Sell ads, nothing more
    • Help creators succeed online
    • Over the years, the web and the world have changed. Google Search has evolved and improved, but our approach remains the same.”

Why DO Google make so many Updates and changes?

Let’s break that down.
Google’s updates serve several purposes, including:
UX (User experience) improvement:
Google aims to enhance the user experience (read YOUR potential customers) by introducing new features, improving the design and usability of its products and addressing user feedback.
These changes are often driven by the goal of making Google’s platforms more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly.
Algorithm updates:
Google’s search engine algorithm undergoes numerous updates to ensure the delivery of relevant and high-quality search results to users (but, lets talk about “cognitive bias” here)
Algorithm updates aim to improve search result accuracy, combat spam, address emerging search trends and adapt to changing user behaviours.
Security and privacy enhancements:
Google is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of its users.
So, it regularly introduces updates to strengthen security measures, address vulnerabilities and comply with ever evolving privacy regulations.
New features and innovation:
Google continually introduces new features and technologies to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
These updates may include improvements to existing products, the launch of new services, or the integration of emerging technologies to provide users with novel experiences and functionalities.

It’s important to note that the frequency and magnitude of Google’s updates can vary.
Some updates may be minor, while others may bring significant changes that impact search rankings, website performance-  and digital marketing strategies.

To stay informed about the latest updates, it’s advisable to follow official Google blogs, industry news, and online communities where Google updates are discussed…

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