Our Clients

JumpStart Matrix as an “full service” Online Marketing Agency assists and promotes many clients in different niches with websites, SEO, SEM.

Some of our clients have had their websites built by us, but many have come to us to fix their existing sites with an audit, SEO and then start SEM  to advertise their business.
Once the site is optimised for the Search Engines (and visitors) and ready to be promoted with PPC ( Pay Per Click) advertising (ie Google Ads, Microsoft Adcenter or LinkedIn and other Social Media where appropriate) our clients have consistently achieved great RESULTS.

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Some of Jumpstart Matrix (current & former) Client’s:


Susan wanted to branch out into the Aged Care Placement and Advocacy niche. JSM undertook research for her and built a WordPress site that acts initially as a “Lead generator” for her eBook and potential clients/ email list. We are building out the site with other content and running a Google Ads campaign for her to start leveraging her results.
We also work with her on her other Champagne Goddess site!
Susan says:
Working with JumpStart Matrix is so much FUN. Maggie and her business partner are solutions-driven and always practical. They do not waste your time, money or energy worrying about the ‘small-fry problems’ they focus on the most important and valid ways to immediately increase customers to your site. They cut to the chase and get things done.”

The Gas Showroom :
We worked with the ‘Gas Girls’ site and took care of ALL their online and Marketing needs.
As with many clients, The Girls had generally bad experiences with previous online marketing companies.
JumpStart have been expanding their products and website, client base and sales with Google Adwords, Analytics & SEO, as well as collaborating with The Girls on all aspects of sales in their business.
The Girls said:
“What a RELIEF!
Finally we have a One Stop Shop solution for our marketing Showroom and Business, no matter what our question is (and no question seems too small,big or silly for Maggie & The Team at JumpStart) to answer- or fix!
–  Kylie & Jodie

My Wicker
We have been working with Simon at My Wicker for over 5 years now to deliver sales through Google Ads, as well as overhaul parts of his website (built by others) that were not performing for Google with the latest SEO updates.
Slow and steady transformations, based on data from Google As & Analytics that removes the ‘guesswork”!
Simon says:
“Maggie and Alan are true professionals in the area of digital marketing services. They have looked after my website and marketing for over five years and continue to deliver great results for us. I would highly recommend Jumpstart Matrix to anyone.”

Anahata Therapies
Anahata Therapies is a gorgeous day spa, located in leafy Mosman in Sydney.
Jana and the lovely team at Anahata provide a range of luxurious face and body treatments and other services- both Ayurvedic and Western.
When JumpStart Matrix took over as their ‘one stop shop’ online marketers, Jana had been in business for 2 years,but nothing was happening for her online.
She had a graphically beautiful site that was not performing for her at all.
JumpStart Matrix has built a new custom WordPress site on the .com domain for Anahata.
Whilst the new site was being custom built, we continued promoting the current .com .au  site on Ads.
Using the information we gather from both Google Ads & Analytics we transformed and maximised Anahata Therapies online marketing.
In Jana’s words:
” Maggie & Alan at JumpStart Matrix are more than online marketers to me!They have become trusted partners in my business.
I call on them for anything I need help with online, as I simply do not understand it or have time to devote to it, running a demanding full time business with staff. They have been amazing to work with! Maggie is always there when I need her and regularly visits me. Alan is technically brilliant and seems to know the answer to everything.
I am happy to pay them every month to do what they do and get results for me as I continue to grow my business.
I will have my new site with a Shopping cart soon up online!!! I ‘m so excited and the Team at JumpStart Matrix is entirely responsible for that!
I thoroughly recommend you start with JumpStart Matrix to use PPC advertising/Adwords and get them behind you- You won’t regret it!

The Healing Practice
Claire is a remarkable therapist for Pregnancy & Childbirth/Hypno birthing and remedial & lymphatic massage, as well as other counselling and coaching services.
When JumpStart Matrix started working with Claire years ago, she was making a modest living – but was really frustrated at her lack of online success.
JumpStart helped her to optimise her original (Joomla) site and promote it when ready on Google Adwords and we assisted Claire to rebuild her site with WordPress.
Claire says:
“Maggie & Alan have given me support, focus and direction, far above and beyond what I actually pay them for every month. They have helped me to fix a site that just wasn’t doing anything for me and empowered me to make changes myself, to also look at marketing online with  Google Adwords and also ‘affiliate marketing’ for products I feel align with my services. I knew NOTHING about all this!
JumpStart has made me feel like part of their team and I am excited whenever I work with them in person or on Skype, as I know it will make things ‘happen’.
They have  done so well managing my Adwords that I recently hired on another staff member to cope with the demand for my services- just from the ads they run for me!I promise you, IF you sign up with JumpStart Matrix for SEM & SEO  (Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation) on Adwords and your site .. You too will be a happy business owner!”

All District Mechanical Repairs
JumpStart Matrix rebuilt this site and redirected his other domain to the new site. Recently we restored Gary’s site after it was hacked.
Gary says:
“I am too busy running a busy Auto mechanic shop to think or worry about my website! Jumpstart ‘s team keep it all happening for me.instead.I have been with JSM for a few years and just leave it all to them, as I have found them really trustworthy and reliable.”

Victoria Cellars
When we started with Joe, he had NO wine sales at all coming in from his POS (Point Of Sale) style website, built by others and someone else was running his SEO & Adwords account.
JumpStart took over and we transformed his business.
Joe had some remarkable sales of his beloved ‘Penfolds Grange’ (and many other fine wines he sells) during that time and is happily retired!
Joe says:
” Maggie & Alan at JumpStart Matrix convinced me to try their services. I had 2 other SEO & SEM’ Agencies working for me at that time, as well as the website designers -but I was getting nowhere.
Maggie & Alan made good on their promise to bring in great sales from Google Adwords.
So, I have kept them on and fired the other 2 Agencies! I pay JumpStart Matrix every month to manage Adwords and suggest /complete other needed ‘optimisation’ (SEO) on my site for Adwords to perform even better. I am a businessman. ROI matters. JumpStart Matrix performs. I strongly recommend you try their Adwords services!”

Uncommon Ground
Krissy started her business with a passion. As a tall, young woman in Australia, she was tired of never finding any shoes that were both ‘on trend’ and large enough for her Size 11 feet!
Krissy met Maggie from JumpStart Matrix ( also 5’10” tall) and they started to strategise what could be done with Krissy’s  new ‘Shopify’ eCommerce site launched for larger size (10-14) shoes for women.(
(She has since retired but left us a great review!)

Here is the Recommendation Krissy posted on to Maggie’s LinkedIn profile after working with JumpStart Matrix:
“Maggie worked with me on two very vital aspects of any online business, SEO and SEM. Before starting any advertising spend, Maggie used her expertise to highlight key areas of the website that could be better optimised. Once these targets were reached she tailored a Google Adwords campaign that increased my traffic and my conversions exponentially, while keeping to a budget. During this process she constantly worked with me in other areas to create customer conversions. She values integrity and is a wonderful person to work with..”

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas (www.bnpparibas.com) is one of the best rated banks in the world*, with it’s Head office in Paris:
The Group has a presence in more than 80 countries and more than 200,000 employees, including more than 160,000 in Europe. It ranks highly in its three core activities: Retail Banking, Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking.”(*Rated AA- by Standard & Poor’s.)
JumpStart Matrix was hired by BNP Paribas to tailor a LinkedIn ‘Sponsored Updates’ Campaign for better brand awareness and visibility of their Australian branch.
http://www.bnpparibas.com.au/en/ was used as a vehicle for white papers to be fed and shared to top level executives in the Finance and Wealth management sectors.
BNP’s local Marketing & Communications manager was very satisfied with the ‘warm leads’ the LinkedIn Campaigns brought them and also the Social Media sharing of their resource material, across many sectors.

Gecko Plantscapes:

Robbie just needed an online ‘Portfolio’  presence, as he starts to build his own business as a  “green” Vertical roofs and walls horticulturalist specialist.
He found the WordPress Online Starter site, JumpStart customised a few other things for him as well as host his site.