Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

What is Adwords Conversion Tracking?

Part of the benefits of Google Adwords promotion includes being able to measure and track the results of your Adwords Campaigns for each conversion (ie when someone buys from you or signs up for something- an action taken)
Adwords cost can be relatively small compared to its results when set up correctly- depending on your niche market of course.Some markets are more expensive and competitive than others.

Google explains:

If you’d like to know which of your keywords best leads to clicks and conversions, such as sales, conversion tracking can help you.
This AdWords tool  can show you what happens after customers click on your ad (for example, whether they purchased your product, called from a mobile phone, or downloaded your app).

There are different types of Adwords tracking and Conversion Tracking available (including Google Analytics) and we can customise these for you.
This basic starter package is for website conversion tracking and takes approximately one hour to set up , configure and test.
Note: e -Commerce tracking is a separate product.

Contact us for information on our charges for  all other types of conversion tracking services.

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