Those guys at Backlinko have been busy analysing over 1 MILLION Google search results to bring you this data on WHY longer content is best.

Quick Summary:

  • Longer content outperformed shorter content posts
  • Custom Infographics  got 2.3 X more Shares and links
  • Optimise around your target Keyword and include it in the first 100 words of your Post, to help Google understand its importance
  • Shorter Post URLs tend to outrank longer URLs (Tip:  try to get your Keyword in the URL!)
  • Get outbound links to your post from other helpful, relevant sites/ articles/content on your topic
  • Once that is done, it is time to Promote Your Content and Build Links!

    Watch the video for helpful tips on approaching other well regarded sites to ask for a link
    Learn more about optimising for user Signals and Google’s  Rankbrain as well
    Tip: A ‘Bounce’ rate of 77% or Lower helps your SEO/rankings as well.

    Not sure what a ‘Bounce rate’ is? Hint.. it’s a Google Analytics term
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    Another fairly comprehensive post was done by SERPiQ below ( one of many) on the topic of longer content /copy.
    (Yes! We know it’s a pain to write ( or pay someone to write) for your site. But the Pay-off can be BIG)

    Although it is an older Post, it is perhaps even MORE relevant now, as we all know Google’s focus is on the ‘user experience’ ie relevancy and usefulness of your site’s information to any searching on the topics you are writing about and want to be found ( and ranked!) for on the Search engines.
    Interesting to look at the data on this Post”

    For most SERPs it looks like at least 1500 words is a good target. This isn’t a steadfast rule – you’ll need to adjust this target to fit the niche that you’re in. If you’re working on your own projects or even on client websites, keep in mind that not all content is equal. If writing isn’t your strong point, finding someone who can create compelling sales copy, blog posts or informative content is going to pay off in a big way down the road.

    That being said, it’s likely the case that focusing on your branding, quality linkbuilding and social engagement will pay off more in the long run, especially if you’re targeting some competitive terms. As long as you make sure that the content on your ranking pages isn’t too thin, you should be covered in this area.

    We hope this has been an illuminating post for you. It’s never easy to figure out what Google’s up to. Algorithm changes are taking place at least twice a day and Panda and Penguin have hit some SEOs particularly hard. To truly gain expertise in the SEO field you need to be constantly testing and evaluating different strategies”

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